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FUE and DHI Hair Transplant in Italy

FUE and DHI hair transplant in Italy

Introduction to FUE and DHI hair transplant

Complete and correct information is key

Deciding to undergo a Hair Transplant is a very important and delicate decision, which will have repercussions not only on your aesthetic aspect but also and above all on your self-esteem, with inevitable repercussions (we hope completely positive) on your social and relationship life.

For this reason, it is very important that, as a patient, you inform yourself correctly, in order to make a safe and conscious choice that leads you to rely on serious and qualified professionals.

The aim of this page is to provide you with essential information on the Hair Transplant procedure, useful to start evaluating the opportunity to undergo surgery in Italy with the specialized team of Dr. Donato Zizi, a Medical Surgeon with 22+ years of experience in hair transplant.



How does FUE hair transplant work

Discover the method that grants the best results

In hair transplantation with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, the hair for self-transplantation is taken with a special tool called Punch, which allows the extraction of the hair without making highly invasive incisions. Our team uses 0.6 mm punches that minimize the unwanted effects of sampling.

In FUE hair transplantation, depending on the cases, it is decided to opt for manual or automated picking: the important thing is that the follicular units taken are perfectly intact to ensure optimal engraftment in the recipient area.

The FUE hair transplant is also improperly called monobulbar hair transplant, in reality most of the follicular units obtained contain 1 to 4 bulbs, therefore 1 to 4 hair. In a good FUE hair transplant session, at least 1,500 follicular units (about 3,000 bulbs) are implanted. Cases where 3,000 follicular units (about 6,000 hairs) can be reached are not uncommon.

Compared to the hair transplant performed with the FUT technique, the FUE technique offers a significantly faster recovery, as no stitches are applied allowing the donor area to recover faster. Until recently it was believed that it was inconvenient to apply the FUE technique to patients with curly hair. Today, thanks to recent technological developments, patients with curly and wavy hair can also be treated without problems. In any case, to facilitate the task using the FUE technique, it is advisable to cut very short hair before surgery.


Follicular Unit Extraction


Follicular Unit Transplantation

Differences between FUE, DHI and mixed technique

As we have seen, the term FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and describes a specific method of bulb harvesting in which follicular units are circularly incised with a microscopic punch and then extracted with all their anatomical components intact. This harvesting technique is common in the different variants of the FUE technique, which differ in the later stages of the procedure.

Hair transplantation with DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a therapeutic variant of FUE that involves the direct insertion of follicular units, without having to make skin incisions beforehand, which is possible with special instruments (such as the Choi Implanter Pen). The bulb insertion phase, therefore, can be carried out in several ways:

  • Standard FUE technique. Incisions are made in the scalp, into which follicular units are subsequently inserted using precision microsurgical tweezers.
  • DHI technique: the harvested follicular units are loaded onto special instruments (such as the Choi Implanter Pen) and then inserted directly into the skin, without using previously made incisions.
  • Mixed FUE + DHI technique: incisions are made in the recipient area as in standard FUE, but the insertion is done with the implanters used for DHI.

Dr. Zizi’s Hair Clinic Biorigeneral is pleased to offer all three technical variants to its patients in order to provide each one with the most suitable treatment approach. Experience, in fact, shows that there may be very different situations in patients, dependent on factors such as skin elasticity, bleeding, type of baldness, and so on, which may benefit more from the use of one specific technique rather than another.



Best Hair Transplant with EasyFUE Protocol

Our unique protocol for maximum comfort and intraoperative safety

Contrary to what one might imagine, Hair Transplantation does not begin and end on the day of surgery. The actual surgery is only the intermediate step in a long journey, which begins with the first consultation and ends with the evaluation of the final result.

Our goal at Hair Clinic Biorigeneral is for the Patient to experience this highly articulated journey as positively and comfortably as possible. That is why, based on more than 22 years of experience in the field, we have standardized all the stages of hair transplantation into an exclusive protocol of excellence, the EasyFUE Protocol for the best hair transplant.

We would like to emphasize that the adjective “easy” does not refer to the method of transplantation, which indeed remains very complex and refined, but describes the comfortable overall experience that the Patient reports, from the initial consultation to the final result, passing through the most delicate stage which, of course, is the actual hair transplant.

Hair transplantation, in fact, while not an extremely invasive procedure, is still a surgical procedure and it is quite normal for the Patient to come to it with a certain amount of apprehension and anxiety. However, with the extremely high standards of the EasyFUE Protocol, the entire hair transplant journey turns into a totally positive experience for the Patient. Here are the 4 phases of EasyFUE in detail.

Pre-Surgery Assessment

Informed Consent and Guidelines

Intraoperative comfort

Post-operative follow-ups

Before & after hair transplant surgery

What kind of results can you expect?

The results obtained with hair transplants can vary greatly from case to case. This is because each patient has unique characteristics regarding color, thickness, growth rate, density, and type of hair. These characteristics will heavily influence the result of FUE or DHI hair transplant.

For example, a patient with very thick hair, with a very high density and very elastic skin can expect much better results than another with thin, frizzy hair and poor skin elasticity.





Perfect information is therefore essential to avoid that the patient’s expectations are not too far from the therapeutic possibilities. It is imperative to show the patient photos and, if possible, clinical cases of other patients who have had hair transplants in the past, to get a fairly clear picture of what can be realistically expected.

Our offer for hair transplantation

Hair Clinic Biorigeneral is able to provide the highest quality hair transplantation with excellent value for money, guaranteeing the patient the utmost care and attention before, during and after the procedure.


Our professionals are able to offer the Patient guarantees of the highest quality and transparency, through:

Thorough selection of Follicular Units

For the purpose of determining the final hair transplant price, only perfect Follicular Units are counted.

Triple Follicular Unit Count

Follicular Unit count is verified as many as 3 times: during Extraction, during Inspection/Selection, and during Insertion.

Photographic dossier

At the end of the hair transplant, the Patient receives an accurate photo file documenting the stages of the procedure.

What is included

Follicular Biostimulation

Included in the surgery price is 1 session of Advanced Follicular Biostimulation worth €250.

Overnight stay

The price of the intervention includes accommodation for 2 people (1 night with breakfast) in an affiliated structure.

Cab service

Our shuttle service to/from the nearest Airport offers maximum serenity and relaxation to Patients.

Intraoperative safety

Our Team of 3 Doctors includes an Anesthesiologist, as well as a Room Attendant: this means that in case of unforeseen events, the Patient is in absolute safety.

Maximum comfort and attention for the patient

We have created the unique EasyFUE Protocol to make the hair transplant experience as positive and comfortable as possible for the Patient.

Post-operative medical care

Our specialists are always available to offer comprehensive postoperative care, which is necessary to ensure rapid recovery from surgery and the best possible aesthetic result.

Price of hair transplant

At the first consultation, the patient will receive all the information about the price of hair transplantation and payment methods, which they can think about calmly.

Who performs the FUE hair transplant

Dr. Zizi and his team: 22+ years of experience at your disposal

Dr. Donato Zizi and his specialists at Hair Clinic Biorigeneral have developed over 22 years of experience in trichology and hair transplant procedures in particular. Our staff is made up of 3 doctors, including 1 anesthesiologist, plus 1 room assistant, therefore in the event of unforeseen circumstances the patient is in conditions of absolute safety.

Hair restoration specialist

Hair restoration trainer

Watch Dr. Aman Sharma being trained in FUE hair restoration by Dr. Donato Zizi and Dr. Marianna Tornese

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